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I specialize in high quality barrel work, I try to maintain a quick turn around time to keep you shooting.  One of the most critical parts of a rifle's accuracy potential is the throat cut in the barrel.  It must be concentric to the bore.  I have a process, tooling, and attention to detail that ensures this every time, no matter how short or long the cartridge.  I dial to less than .0001" with direct measurements, no pins, rods, or other gadgets.  The farther into the barrel, the more difficult and critical this becomes.  Below is a 30 XC chamber.  That throat is roughly 3.4" inside the barrel.  I have well over 100 different reamers of all types of standard and wild cat cartridges.  

I keep running orders with my preferred barrel manufacturers.  Contact me about getting on the list for blanks.

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