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Alex Wheeler

(406) 596-0892


Email or test is prefered, I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Shipping Address

3500 NE State Road 47

High Springs, Fl. 32643


I maintain a quick turn around on barrel work and also keep running orders for blanks.  You can send your blank or get on the list for when my next shipment comes in.


These are the barrels I keep on order for Benchrest and F-Class,


Bartlein gain twist

6mm HV 31"

6mm 1.250" str 31"

6.5mm HV 31"

7mm 1.250 str 33"

Getting started

I am always taking new customers and new work.  Contact me to see how my current work load is.  If I can accommodate your project we will work together to pick the best components and plan the build accordingly. 

Before you ship

Please include your name, address, contact info, and info about your project on a note inside the package.  Packages without any names or contact info will be returned.


I have had great luck with UPS, USPS, and Fedex.  If anything was damaged in shipping I'll contact you asap.  

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