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Long Range Hunting

Lightweight Long range hunter


This is an example of one of my more popular hunting rifle builds.  I start out with a Bat Vampire action for its lightweight and excellent ignition design.  It has and integral 20moa rail, and recoil lug.  Its bolt is nitrided and action body anodized and teflon coated which makes it the slickest action I have handled.  I bed these into carbon fiber McMillan stocks, usually a Game Warden, Game Warden 2.0, or Game hunter.  These stocks are very good all around long range stocks that work well prone, but are not awkward in other positions.  They still maintain a slim profile and do not feel bulky to pack.  I will use a handful of barrel manufactures that have proven their accuracy in competition.  Steel or Carbon wrapped barrels, depending on your weight requirements.  The Bartlien Carbon fiber wrapped barrels have been performing very well and I have confidence in them to perform as close to a steel barrel as any I have seen to date.   Triggers range, but the Bix n Andy tac sport pro is my preferred choice.  Bottom metal can be a Wyatts CFE9 internal box with a 4" oal and hinged floor plate (BDL) or the Hawkins hunter detachable magazine which is almost flush and much quieter than other options.  I use a couple of different muzzle brakes depending on the cartridge for best effectiveness.  With a 26" barrel, this rifle will come in at 7-7.5 pounds.  I have well over 100 chamber reamers, so there are many options of chamberings.  Keep in mind, I am a custom rifle smith.  This is just an outline that works very well.  I build many different types of rifles with many different parts, so we can come up with something to suit your goals.  These rifles are all built as individuals, by me, to the same standards I build Benchrest rifles to.    

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