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This is a cartridge I designed for F-Open competition.  However it has also take off in long range hunting and tactical matches as well.  The goal was to beat the 284 which was pretty much dominate in F Open at the time.  By "beat" the 284, I mean beat it for raw accuracy and agging ability.  Not speed.  Now, the 7-6.5 PRCW did end up gaining a solid 100+ fps over the 284 but that was not the main goal and that speed is only a benefit if the cartridge also had an accuracy advantage.  There have been other cartridges around for a long time that can drive a bullet faster than the 284, but they lacked in the accuracy department.  

There is two names for this cartridge.  The 7PRCW and the 7-6.5PRCW.  Its the same thing.  The reason is because when I designed it, there was no saami 7PRC.  Now there is, so to try and avoid confusion I renamed it the 7-6.5PRCW.  Its a simple necked up 6.5PRC (my version has a little different lead angle and base spec).  You can either just use an expander mandrel to neck up 6.5PRC brass or you can buy factory 7-6.5PRCW head stamped brass from ADG.  There are many die options out there.  A 6.5PRC die with a 7mm neck bushing works if the die is opened up for the larger neck.  Companies like Bullet Central and Cortina Precision also offer dies.  A Wilson inline seater reamed with the chamber reamer is a great option for a seater die and many simply use a 7 saum seater as well.  This cartridge is gaining in popularity fast so you will see many more die options in the future.  

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