I build complete custom rifles as well as offer complete gunsmithing services.  I will build off of your parts, or I can source all the parts for you.  I specialize in long range Benchrest, F-Class, tactical, and long range hunting rifles.  I build every rifle as a true custom, that means just about anything goes.  I go through each component to ensure every build is leaving nothing on the table.  Every action is tuned, ignition blueprinted, and timed, this is unique to my builds.  This assures you do not have to get lucky on a top notch platform.  Every rifle is built using the same processes and techniques.  I prefer to speak with you about your goals and help you design a rifle that will meet them.  Below is a list of just some of the more common services I do on a regular basis.  Call for current work load and wait times. 

Barrel chambering, (quick turn around times)

Muzzle brake install

Action timing, ignition and extraction

Action ignition blueprinting

Action truing/tuning

Trigger blueprinting (Jewell or Bix)

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