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  The 6BRA (coined by Tom Mousel) has become very popular.  Also known as the 6BRAI.  It was recently popularized by Samual Hall.  Its essentially a 6mmBR with the shoulder angle changed from 30 to 40 degrees while NOT moving its location.  The case retains the full length BR neck.  I took the picture to the right of the 6 BRA next to a 6 Dasher, the Dasher case moves the shoulder forward .080".  The benefits of the 6BRA case are very easy fire forming, extreme accuracy, long neck, and increased efficiency.  Harrell's Precision and Wilson now offer 6 BRA dies and Alpha offers factory brass if you prefer not to fire form Lapua cases.  

Wheeler Accuracy 6BRA National wins and records 


Jason Wolf

2019 IBS 600yd National Champion
HG Overall winner
HG score winner
LG overall winner
LG score winner

2018 1000 yd NBRSA Nationals

Lite Gun Group Winner – Tom Mousel

Lite Gun Score Winner – Jaime Cardenas

Hvy Gun Group Winner – Jason Peterson

Two Gun Group Winner – Jeff Locke

Two Gun Score Winner – Jaime Cardenas

Grand Champion Winner – Jaime Cardenas

2017 IBS  1000yd HG 10 group agg RECORD- Tom Mousel

2017 IBS 1000yd HG 10 score RECORD- Leo Anderson

2017 Williamsport 1000 yd LG score RECORD 100-5x 3.493"- Roger Gower

2017 NBRSA 6 target LG agg RECORD- Jeff Locke

2017 NBRSA 12 target 2 gun agg RECORD- Jeff Locke

2018 NBRSA 600 yd HG score 100 7x  RECORD Richard Jette

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