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NBRSA world record shot by Mr. Charles Greer officially measured 2.6566" for 10 shots at 1000 yards with an LRB stock.

LRB in wood laminate or fiberglass

This stock is the product of input from some of the best long range Benchrest shooters in the game.  This stock tracks exceptionally well due to the adjustable rudder system and 4" forend.  It is designed to shoot free recoil or with a hold.  Aluminum rails in the front prevent rocking on the front bag as well as form small trenches to aid tracking.  The adjustable rudder in the rear allows you to fine tune the bag riding surfaces until exactly parallel.  The 4" wide 1/2" tall fore end is legal in Benchrest and helps control torquing in the bag.  The 4" width can be accommodated by most rests with a simple bag change.  I can order this stock as light or heavy as needed, as stiff or flexible as desired, fiberglass or carbon fiber, and any color combo desired.  Every stock comes with a rudder, rails, and butt plate installed.  Mcmillan gelcoat requires no finish, but can be painted or polished.  Many of the stocks on this page have paint jobs that we have done, they are not available on stock blanks.  Painting is the last step after inletting and bedding.  

Adjustable tracking rudder

  Optimal tracking occurs when the cross hair never leaves the X during recoil.  For this to happen the front half of the stock must be perfectly parallel to the rear half.   When your stock is perfectly parallel you can slide it back in the bags and the crosshair won't move on the target.  That is when your rifle will track its best.   A one time adjustment to the rudder will ensure your stock is perfectly parallel.   

$1200 with rails, rudder, butt plate, and molded in finish.  Flat top, no inlet.



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